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leap of faith – the general specialists tale

Posted on Dec 10 by

One of the beauties of working with film is that already in it´s early stages it developed into a collaborative art form. Producing a film consists of a series of specialized...


HDRI cg lighting

Posted on Oct 30 by

As part of my test with the Canon 5d camera i also tried to develop a workflow for Image based lighting, using HDR images from a mirrored chrome ball to obtain photorealistic 3d...


Masters of VFX: Douglas Trumbull

Posted on Sep 21 by

Recently I was re-watching some Classics like Encounters of a third Kind and the Alien quadrilogy and I was amazed how well the VFX was holding up even to today’s standards, so...



Posted on Sep 15 by

Matchmoving is a term term loosely used for recreating a virtual camera that reproduces the movements and characteristics of a real camera in order to be used in a 3d software...


back to the roots

Posted on Aug 15 by

Short time ago I got a message from some Multimedia-Art Master Students from Salzburg. They were searching for a DIT/Data Wrangler for their Project “Back tot he Roots“, a Sci...